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Our history

Our philosophy

A number of families have managed the estate over the years. But it was the Paux-Rosset family that definitively established the vineyard as a high-quality producer. Cultural trends change and all the vineyards were planted with new grape varieties. The neighbouring Boède estate was rented.
With the help of consultant oenologist Claude Gros, the vinification process was completely redesigned with quality as its sole aim. Together, they bought the Boède estate in 2006 with a third partner, Alain Wittner.

Our family

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Claude Paux-Rosset

Jean Paux-Rosset

Marion Paux-Rosset

Married to Jean Paux Rosset. She is highly involved and a key member of the estate.
She masterfully leads the team work, managing the vineyard and the administrative side of the business.

Owner of the Château La Négly. When he inherited the Château in 1992, he was one of the first to be truly aware of the value of the terroir he owned and he passionately transitioned the estate to high-quality production. He decided to replant the vineyard with new varieties, creating an efficient and productive partnership with our oenologist Claude Gros in 1992.

Following professional experience in the
United States, Marion focussed primarily on the export market, and has had much success developing it, with the Château’s wines now sold worldwide.

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The château

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