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Château La Négly

Château de la Négly is located in the Occitanie region in France, in the La Clape massif overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Its exceptional geographical location creates a unique alchemy of elements: caressed by the sea spray and buffeted by the Tramontane and sea winds, this sun-drenched land absorbs heat to warm the grapes that soak up the sun’s golden rays. The grapes greedily accept the treasures that Nature offers them. They can then begin their slow maturation, generously returning the bounty they have received.

Fine wines

It is here, in this rich alluvial land, that Château La Négly patiently and skilfully develops its treasures in pure respect of an authentic ancestral tradition. Tradition is applied in this winery that has been distinguished by the name of Château since the very beginning of its history. In the 18th century, the Château bore the name Ancely. Then, in 1781, the property took the name Nerly before being called La Négly in 1807.

" A real connoisseur does not drink wine, but
tastes of its secrets." - Salvador Dali


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Latest News

Château la Négly
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