Le Wine Advocate : Récompenses et notes

Chaque année le magasine international « Wine Advocate » publie un article sur les vins du

Languedoc Roussillon. Mr Joe Czerwinski, cette année encore, est venue à la Négly pour déguster nos nouvelles cuvées et millésimes actuels. Les notes ont été publiées le 31 Mai 2019, la Négly tire son épingle du jeu notamment grâce à notre Clos des Truffiers.

WINE ADVOCATE article par JOE CZERWINSKI 31st May 2019 | The Wine Advocate | End of May 2019

Even after various European Union initiatives, the sprawling Languedoc still includes vast

areas of vineyard acreage. And while at one time, the purpose of these vineyards was to

simply satisfy French thirst for inexpensive vin de table, today, many producers have shifted

focus to producing limited quantities of top-flight wines.

A few vintages of great Languedoc wines at Château de la Negly along with proprietor Jean

Paux Rosset (left) and winemaking consultant Claude Gros (right) As I wrote last year, there’s no reason to hold onto any antiquated notions of Languedoc wine quality. Or, indeed, of pricing. The best wines are increasingly priced according to the market and perceived value by the producers. Triple-digit pricing does indeed exist here.


Les résultats sont disponibles dans notre onglet recompenses

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