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Our terroir

In the heart of the La Clape massif

The La Négly and Boède terroirs enjoy ideal exposure and are unique for the diversity of their soils. Boède’s soil is a sandy and silty sandstone, while La Négly’s is limestone and clay, conferring a broad aromatic palette on the wines from these vineyards.
La Négly's vineyard extends over 50 hectares and the Boède vineyard covers 25 hectares. In
order to make best use of the Boède vineyard, Syrah, Grenache, and Mourvèdre were planted in place of the Aramon, Terret and white Carignan varieties. The grape harvester was replaced by pruning shears and crates. Bastien Paux-Rosset is responsible for cultivation, operating these 75 hectares of replanted vineyards. Sustainable agriculture is a perfect fit for our quality requirements.
Short pruning, little fertilizer, frequent ploughing and trellising approximately 1.80 m
high are all guarantees of quality. Our 12 passionate permanent employees are the most enthusiastic supporters of the wines we produce.

An exceptional terroir

Ancre 1

Our grapes are harvested entirely by hand in 10 kg crates. Once they have been harvested at the peak of maturity, they are quickly transported to the cellar to prevent oxidation.
There they are sorted according to their state of health. Between four and eight people work on the clusters by hand, removing any grapes that are not ripe enough, or that are botrytised or overripe to keep only perfectly healthy ones.
Sustainable agriculture is our major objective: we leave nothing to chance through disbudding, trimming, manual harvest, double table sorting, and low and controlled yields.
Our treasures: L'Ancely, Porte du Ciel, Clos des Truffiers.
To get the very best from our wines, our very low yield vintages of approximately 10 hectolitres/hectare are harvested at peak
maturity, sorted grape by grape, vinified in conical wooden casks and then aged for two years in new barrels. These nectars will delight the taste buds of connoisseurs.


Our vineyards

The vineyards

All of the vineyards are ploughed several times a year to aerate the soil and encourage the development of microbial life. The vines are kept short in the traditional manner, i.e. 90% goblet training (without wires). This allows the grapes to ripen better, and improves control of yields. This type of training also ensures better leaf exposure, and therefore optimal concentration.


We are committed to the quality of our harvest, which is why the entire vineyard is harvested by hand. Low yields of between 20 and 30 hl/ha as well as traditional vinification and carbonic maceration ensure our wines have exceptional cellaring potential.
In a concern for balance and accuracy, we vat our wines for one or two years to allow them to develop their characteristics and aromas in primarily French wood.

The varieties

The wines of our terroir are renowned for their iodine character, freshness, minerality and elegance. Our whites are subtle with great aromatic finesse. Our reds are delicious, rich and complex. The main red varietals are
Grenache, Mourvèdre, and Syrah that is predominant in the region. For whites, we cultivate white Bourboulenc, white Clairette, white Marsanne and white Roussanne.

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